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$29 or less!

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Schedule Your Product Shoot and Save !

If you book your product shots into our schedule openings,
you receive huge savings and our best price!    

  • These prices are complete... no add-ons or last minute charges - read the fine print at competitive sites... few if any deliver as much as PhotoBoost for so little!
    See what our clients have to say... click here.

  • High resolution original tiff image for only $24.00 ea.
    (Required - includes image touchup, color balance, and polishing)

  • Matching lower resolution web image & thumbnail for $5.00.
    (Optional - You might need advanced skills in Photoshop to prepare your own .jpgs)

  • Total Package for $29 per shot for small orders.
    (We do all the work and send you a CD with master tiff images for your catalogs or print media
    and optimized jpg images to load directly to your site!)

Large Projects -Talk with us and see what we can do!
  • 50+ shots of similar items can be can be priced with even greater savings!.

  • Call or Email us with your project request and let us provide a quote.

  • See for yourself that will help improve your web sales today! 

Still Unsure? Here's a Package to Try PhotoBoost
  • Send us 4 products and include image fees totaling $100.00 for a one time special price.

  • We will shoot and send your products back with the high resolution
    image, web image, & thumbnail all for $100.00 + return shipping fees.
    (Single product shots on standard white background)

  • See for yourself that will help improve your web sales today! This offer is only valid for new customers and may be used only once.

Standard Pricing      Minimum order $100.

(Single object on white background, 6' x 6' area or less. Excludes Sterling Silver and Gemstones)

Number of total Items
One image per item

High Res Image

Web Image & Thumbnail
(Includes retouching)


< 100

$36.00 ea

$24.00 ea


100 - 500

$28.00 ea

$18.00 ea


501 - 1000

$26.00 ea

$10.00 ea


> 1000

$24.00 ea

$8.50 ea


Composition Images

Individual item shots merged into a single tiff image producing a composite group image. This service created for items requiring different lighting conditions to produce the highest quality image of each item within a group image. For example, a group consisting of gold, silver, light and dark colors where the lighting of the entire group at one time compromises the individual brilliance of some items within the group.

Pricing for group shots of items with similar appearance characteristics can be found under Other Services below. Please feel free to discuss the nuances of these two different services and what it will mean to your images.

Individual item shots with individual lighting setups $  18 per item
Photoshop editing to produce final tiff image $  35 per quarter hour

Other Services


Service Description


Images on CD rom media

Included in per image fee
Contact catalog sheets Included in per image fee
Images on Zip disk media Cost of media
Raw tiff Images Image Fee plus $ 6
Group Shots - 10 or fewer items shot together Image Fee plus $10
Group Shots - for 11-20 items Image Fee plus $35
Editing to add minimal type such as product number $35 per quarter hour
Softgoods & Apparel Prep - Pressing, lint removal, etc. $  8 per item
Tool Prep - Cleaning, assembly, when needed $  6 additional per item
Tool Sets Prep - More than 10 elements Quoted
Sequence Shots for instructional tests or assembly process Image Fee plus $10
Packaging and return shipping Actual Cost
Collages Quoted
Specialized Photoshop editing Quoted 
Customized sets or props per client requirements Quoted
Image file conversions from RGB to CMYK  Quoted

Terms & Conditions

  • 10% down with order.

  • 25% due on approval of test images.
  • Balance due in full on delivery of your web proof images.
  • Archive CD with master & web images, contact sheet, and exclusive license provided after payment has been received in full.
  • General:
        All charges are in U.S. dollars.
        Shipping charges are the responsibility of the client. F.O.B. Montrose, CA.
        Client will be advised of all additional fees, if any,  before work commences.

1 issues an exclusive license for your unlimited use of the
images we produce, with the single restriction that they may not be sold to 
or distributed by Professional Photo Wholesalers or Image Galleries.

Proof & Test shots are not licensed.  Client agrees to destroy them upon completion of work.

Payment accepts your company check, Visas & MasterCard. Credit card payments required for charges $500 or less.  Please allow 10 days for your check to clear our bank before delivery of final images and license.

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