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Frequently Asked Questions ... 

What is "Tabletop Photography"

Basically any item which easily fits on a 6' square table.  Our service is focused on this category of items which can readily be shipped by UPS or Fedex.  We photograph larger items too, please ask for a quote.

How long does it take?

Our minimum turnaround, for up to 25 items, is 2 days. We can photograph up to 100 objects a day. When you place your order, we will give you a firm shooting & delivery schedule.

Do you provide TIFF or JPG files?

We provide both. You receive a master Tiff image ( 8"x 10" at 300 dpi) saved in Photoshop with layers intact including mask channels (when needed) and adjustment layers. Raw Tiff images are slightly more expensive because they take longer to create and process. Jpegs provided are ready to load to your website, email, or pdf catalogs.

Can you produce images to meet our web specifications?

This is truly the purpose of PhotoBoost--to provide your company the simplest means possible to add photos to your website. We can create images for any Web application.

Will PhotoBoost digital images make my products look better than they are?

Our photos are an accurate image of your products, showing complete detail. This type of photography is image cataloging. Its purpose is to document what a customer is going to receive when they buy from your company. 

Do you guarantee satisfaction?

Absolutely! We will re-shoot any images with which you are not satisfied. If we still canít please you, return the images and we will not bill you for them.

How can we use the images you create?

Once you have paid for your order, you have an exclusive license to use the photos for your company any way you desire.

How do we get started?

Simple. Call / e-mail  and tell us the type & quantity of items to be photographed. We will explain the workflow, proofing, and delivery process to you.

How do you deliver our images?

All high resolution images and their corresponding Web-sized images are delivered on CD-ROM. Zip disks and other media cost a little extra.
In a hurry?  After payment, we can provide you access to our FTP site for immediate download of Tiffs and Jpegs.

Can you work with our web development team?

Of course. In fact, you can reduce your cost of photography by having your high-resolution product images sized and edited by your staff. This gives you direct control over the resulting web image.

Do you shoot product groups?

Yes. Product groups take a little more time to photograph and are therefore more expensive than individual photographs.

Can you create 360- degree object images?

Yes, we can create images that rotate and show your product from all sides. This is an exciting way to display your products.  Pricing is higher because 360-degree images require 18 individual photographs and careful editing.

Will PhotoBoost make collages or specialty images?

We can make collages and special images, as well as many other things. Please discuss your requirement with us when you call.

When customers print from our web site, how will the images look?

Although printing largely depends on the userís browser and printer, your images will print clean and clear with similar detail as when viewed via the web. Go to our samples page and print a page to see for yourself.

Can you use a colored background?

We can use any color background you want, although the predominant choice for web pages is white.

Do you build sets to showcase our products?

We can build custom sets and special backgrounds for products that require them.  Discuss these requirements with us when placing your order.

Do you shoot your photos at customer sites?

If you have a large number of products, sometimes it makes sense to photograph them at your location. Call us and we can discuss whether this makes sense for the quantity of product you have and associated costs.

Does PhotoBoost have business partners who can help us with our website maintenance?

Yes. We partner with a Web site developer we have worked with for over 10 years on technical development. We also work with another high quality company that can key catalog data for you.

Can we attend and personally direct the photo shoot?

Sure, but not at our low standard rates. We welcome your help at our hourly charge plus session fees.

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