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We thank our clients for taking the time to share their experience with our site visitors!

"As someone who's been involved with direct response web marketing for more than 5 years, I can testify that high quality product photos lead to increased site conversion rates. PhotoBoost gave us the quality we were looking for at a very reasonable price. Our programmer enjoyed working with PhotoBoost because of their technical knowledge and our site

conversion rate is strong. The entire process from sending the products to receiving the finished images was excellent."

Peter P.,  Palm Beach Patterns

"I was more than impressed with PhotoBoost's services. Prices were very reasonable, and the service was outstanding.  The quality of the photos was unbelievable.  I will definitely be back!"

Matt R., RYP Sports

"It has been a pleasure to work with PhotoBoost.  They are fast, professional, and take fantastic web images.  The results have been extraordinary.  Phone orders have decreased dramatically as have product spec questions ( The 500 pixel images help the customer in this regard).  We are now able to spend more time marketing our products.  This has resulted in a 300 % increase in our online internet sales.  Gain a competitive edge. 
Call PhotoBoost !! ."

John M., Beam of Light Technologies

"I have been extremely pleased using PhotoBoost for our new company, a bedding and gift linens company . PhotoBoost offered the opportunity to use photographs that made our website and marketing materials look professional. In addition, the people at PhotoBoost truly put themselves out to capture the image we were trying to create. That required shooting and re-shooting in various formats--with special forms built to hold and show our products at their best. There was a surprising amount of communication and idea exchange, considering the whole process is done in absentia. Perhaps the best testimony to our satisfaction is that we continue to come back each time we develop new designs and products."

Susan F., ZaZou Linens

"There really is no way to easily describe the impact that PhotoBoost has had on our business. The quality, composition and the detail of their product photography is absolutely incredible. Our products are unusual and presented an extreme challenge to the PhotoBoost staff. They took it on without hesitation and did a fantastic job. Every shot was setup perfectly. Our product photographs actually TELL A STORY and answer questions for our customers! Now, people can look at our items and buy with confidence without having to call and ask questions to clarify.


As great as the photography is, that isnít even the best part of working with PhotoBoost. The people and the quality of interaction make them the best. The individual attention you receive and the communication is beyond excellent. You will know in a short time that each shot is carefully composed and thought out. Youíll know it isnít a photomill, but they truly are working for YOU and your company. Bottom line is this: is a small company, but PhotoBoost treated us like we were their most important account. The work is excellent, the prices are extremely affordable and it was great to work with them. I highly recommend their services for anyone serious about adding value their website through excellent photography. "

Mike S.,  Flyboys Inc.

"PhotoBoost is a great find for us. With the distance between us there is always the concern that the photo concept can get lost in the translation. They have the ability to take the product I send, the description of what I want to accomplish and send me a finish photo that fits the application to a tee."

Mike S., TopLine Systems

"PhotoBoost's high-quality photos help sell our products. The key to our Web site is product information. The more information we provide about our products the better they sell. The great photographs from PhotoBoost provide a large part of the information we need to communicate."

Chris W., LittleMachineShop

"For many years, the high cost of quality product photography has limited our ability to keep our printed catalog and web site updated and current. Then I discovered PhotoBoost. Not only have we drastically reduced our photography costs, but we're getting better quality shots as well! I can't recommend this service highly enough."

Neil G.,  Grover Pro Percussion, Inc 

"I was starting my small business and had no contacts and needed a lot of advice.  One of the best pieces of advice came from a friend and fellow customer of, Mike from Flyboys.  I needed pictures for my website fast and PhotoBoost was right on top of it.  I got exactly what I wanted for an incredible price and they did it so fast.  I would highly recommend ."

Kelly L., Tag-It Bands 

"We have a small service business in the data entry industry and needed some sort of visual to depict the essence of our business.  PhotoBoost was great!  We tried different approaches and settled on a perfect image representing the core function of our business.  We recommend PhotoBoost without a doubt!"

Maritta B., ADE Consultants  

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