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Product Photography Glossary

Product Photography - is a parent class to tabletop photography wherein objects as large as automobiles and commercial machinery are lumped together with smaller items such as key chains, china, hand tools, etc.  Product Photography is quite different from architectural, portrait, scientific, nature, journalism, and landscape photography in that nearly all product photography takes place in a controlled environment - the studio. 

Digital Product Photography - is new medium to the 154 year old industry of modern photography ( interesting to note that photography has loosely reported roots to 4th century BC).  Given the technology basis of the digital medium, it has propagated the rapid growth of specialists in this category whose primary customers are interested in web product photography. This of course is juxtapose to traditional film product photographers who are burdened with a longer process cycle to produce similar results.  The shorter cycle for digital product photographers creates a new lower threshold of economic competition against film traditionalist and offers lower cost to the e-marketing community.
Tabletop Photography - refers to a class of commercial photography for smaller products that will easily fit on a table in a photography studio.  There are sub-classes to Tabletop Product Photography; one is commercial advertising photography and the other is catalog product photography. A fundamental difference between the two is that catalog photography captures or documents a products natural features without the extensive use of props or visual enhancements via lighting or special effects.
Web Product Photography - is a highly focused (no pun intended) effort and subclass of  product photography very akin to Digital Product Photography. The effort, scope and results of web product photography are entirely new to traditional photographers and present many new challenges both in technology and economic thresholds as stated earlier. One of the key advantages to Web Product Photography when accomplished with digital photography resources other than the short process cycle is the reduced cost to the client.  Although Web Product Photography can be produced from traditional film resources, it is not the most effective method of producing web catalog images in terms of both labor and materials.
Digital Product Photographers - Although digital photography has been around for decades in rudimentary form it was primarily a tool of the scientific & research communities not affordable to the general photography field.  Over the last decade digital photography has come into maturity through industry innovation.  The combination of being able to capture an image electronically versus chemically is a huge achievement.  But couple that with the applications to further modify the electronic image and in terms of results, the possibilities are infinite versus finite from the photochemical processes.  The underlying statement (perhaps blurred from a lack of clear writing ) is that digital photographers must acquire new skills and a new vision of creativity once bound by the medium itself.


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